Coronavirus update for tenants


As the government move to ease the ‘lockdown’ phase of their response to the Covid 19 pandemic, on the 11th May, a document “Working safely during Covid 19 in offices and contact centres” was published. Following the guidance outlined within this document and working with our appointed Health & Safety consultant we have updated our Covid 19 Policy for those members and licensee’s working from Freshmill’s premises at Delta House, Haywards Heath.

This policy document will be reviewed regularly as the state of pandemic evolves and this is the update from the 26th May 2020 policy. The government guidance still remains that if you are able to work from home you should do so, especially those with underlying health conditions that increase the level of risk from the virus. In line with government guidelines however, there are those that may need to work away from their home:

  • Workers in roles critical for business and operational continuity, safe facility management, or regulatory requirements and which cannot be performed remotely.
  • Workers in critical roles which might be performed remotely, but who are unable to work remotely due to home circumstances or the unavailability of safe enabling equipment.

With point 2 in mind we are now opening our co-working areas in a limited capacity with new procedures in place. Throughout the whole of the Covid-19 pandemic our focus has been on the safety and well being of our members and this will continue to be the driving force behind all the decisions made.

Current Situation

Delta House is open to all members who hold a license for a lockable ‘private office’ within the building 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

Our co-working will now be open to permanent hot deskers who will be allocated a single desk in a private office potentially alongside another permanent hot desk member with the appropriate distancing and procedures in place.

Our co-working packages for 30 and 60 hrs will not be reinstated at this time but we will open on Mondays and Thursdays and members will be able to purchase day passes for a specific desk on a specific date.

We appreciate that this does not provide the same flexibility for our members as the 30 and 60 hr packages however with the current guidelines we believe that at this time it is the safest way in which to provide the service and meet the health and safety guidelines and keep everyone as safe as possible.

We have reduced the number of desks that will be available for hot desking to ensure social distancing is adhered to and a specific desk will be allocated to each member for that day. On arrival we will take your temperature at the front door, your will sanitise your hands at the station next to the front door and you will be shown to your allocated desk.

In line with the governments track and trace programme we will hold all member records of attendance so should contact details be required we will provide them. If you do not agree to this being done with your personal details we ask you to refrain from coming into Freshmill until the track and trace programme is no longer required.


Movement around the building

A main objective of current government policy is to “maintain social distancing of at least two metres where ever possible”. Reminder signage will placed around the building and we will temporarily hold open the entry way doors to the toilet areas on the 1st and 2nd floors to aid visibility. To help facilitate “social distancing” at Delta House tenants must:

  • Use the main staircase to move up between floors in the building and the rear staircase to move down between floors and exit the building.
  • On the 1st and 2nd floor of the building we ask that you move around the building corridors in an anti-clockwise direction, floor mounted ‘arrows’ will indicate the direction of travel.

Reception area

Until further notice the reception desk will not be permanently manned and should you use the reception sofa you must spray it down with the provided anti bacterial/viral spray before and after use.

Common Areas, Kitchens and Meeting spaces

  • The “One 2 One” meeting pods must not be used. Due to the nature of these spaces we are unable to open them at this time
  • The copper pods and Friday Pod will be available but we ask that these are continued to be used as a breakout space for a maximum of 2 hrs. There will be a bottle of anti bacterial/viral spray at each copper pod or at the Friday pod this must be used to spray down the area before and after use. They may be used by 1 person with no face covering or 2 people sitting diagonally with a face covering
  • The kitchens will be open and the coffee machines available. One person at a time may use the kitchen. Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the kitchen, there is a dispenser by each kitchen. Wipes are available in each kitchen and must be used to clean down any areas touched whilst in the kitchen and put in the bin before leaving.

We will continuously monitor the use of these areas and should the instructions above not be followed we reserve the right to remove access to them.

Your Visitors & Deliveries

No external visitors are allowed to Delta House for day pass members and no deliveries made via courier to the building.

Freshmill staff will continue the process of collecting mail from the Haywards Heath sorting offices and arranging collection by tenants. Fixed office members deliveries will be met at the door and no delivery personell are to enter the building.


Hygiene and Cleaning

Before the 1st of June, our cleaning contractor carried out a ‘deep clean’ of all common areas within Delta House following government guidance. In addition to the daily cleaning of the common areas and toilets at the end of each day, extra cleaning of surfaces within these areas will be carried out during the working day.

  • Around the building we will be installing ‘Hand Sanitizer’ stations. On entry to the building there will be a ‘hand sanitizer’ station at the bottom of the main staircase, on entry to the building all tenants sanitise their hands straight away.
  • Before entering the toilet areas all tenants must clean their hands at the sanitizer station provided.
  • Tissues and wipes will be available at various locations through out the common areas.
  • When moving through the common areas of the building you may consider wearing a face covering or mask.
  • Gloves are not to be worn whilst in any common area or the toilets of Delta House.

Private office areas

It is the responsibility of tenants to maintain social distancing and enhanced cleaning measures within their own private office areas.

If you feel unwell?

For everyone, should you or a member of our household experience any of the symptoms recognised under government advice for Covid 19 we ask that you do not attend Delta House for the duration of the prescribed self isolation period.

In the case of a suspected Covid-19 case

Should anyone feel unwell while working in your office space at Delta House, exhibiting symptons of the virus, we ask that leave the office space immediately and carry out a thorough clean of the tenants private office area in line with government cleaning guidelines. The license holder should contact us immediately (at anytime) by phone preferably Zoe Daines 07770 588896 or Chris Daines 0777 377 3848

Day pass holders must contact Freshmill as soon as possible should you feel unwell and contact PHE and follow their advice. Freshmill will also contact PHE and follow the directives given.

In the case of a confirmed Covid-19 case

In the event that you are aware of a confirmed case where a person has been tested positive at a testing centre or medical facility, please contact us immediately (at anytime) by phone preferably Zoe Daines – 07770 588896 or Chris Daines 07773 773848.

The following procedure will be instituted:

  1. All designated contacts will be immediately contacted by e-mail or phone.
  2. We will immediately contact Public Health England and follow any advice given by them.
  3. The common parts of the building will be deep cleaned as quickly as possible and we will make arrangements with the licensee concerned to discuss arrangements for deep cleaning of their office if necessary.
  4. Following deep cleaning of the common areas, members will be notified and the building will be available to access.
  5. We will liase with Public Health England and any affected members to ensure isolation of any contacts of the concerned contacts as appropriate

Designated Coronavirus coordinators:

Our designated coordinator is myself who can be contacted at anytime on 07770 588896 or

We would ask that all member’s provide us with the name and mobile number of at least 1 member of staff who can be contacted out of office hours in the event that information needs to be passed along in an emergency.

Unless there is an emergency we will communicate any future updates by email.

As you will appreciate, the current situation is constantly evolving and our contingency planning may need to change at short notice. If you have any queries at all then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
Zoe Daines –Director

SUGGESTED REVIEW DATE – Monthly or when government advice changes