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Meet Eric:

It’s Freshmill Friday time and here we have… Eric DeGolier! Eric is the MD of sports-tech startup Body Rocket. Eric came up with the idea for Body Rocket while training to compete at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, as the able-bodied tandem captain with three-time Paralympian Matt King in the match sprint and kilo. As a design engineer, Eric has a wealth of experience, working with industry leaders such as, Trek Bicycles, PowerTap, and CycleOps.

‘’Hi everyone I’m Eric :). Did you know more than 80% of what’s slowing a competitive cyclist down is aerodynamic drag, and yet, there are no good tools to monitor and analyse that. It’s Body Rocket’s mission to change that!

Body Rocket at Freshmill:

Body Rocket has its main offices and team based in Brighton. The Brighton office allows us to carry out our R&D by using the workshops provided. However, although I am still deeply involved in the technology development in Brighton, being an MD brings many new responsibilities. The Brighton office is great for solving the tech problems, but it’s full of distractions. I needed to find a quiet place to work away from the rest of my team and somewhere I could focus on ‘’MD responsibilities’’. I heard about Freshmill from my business partner Marcus, who has an office already established there.

Freshmill has been perfect! With the uncertainty of Covid over the last year Freshmill was a place I could always go to focus and get work done. The broad range of professions working here is inspiring and it’s always great going for a quick coffee break and having conversations with people. It’s really easy to feel at-home here and by the end of the first day you know where everything is, and it’s got everything you need. I am able to focus on the business planning, networking, and customer relations of the business much better at Freshmill. Having that different space helps me keep my two roles separate and defined.

It’s also just a 5-minute scooter ride from my home (yes, I’m THAT guy 😊). Freshmill days are also the only days I get to have lunch with my wife, and put my daughter to bed,  so they’re the best days of the week for me! The team is really friendly here and it has a nice personal feel, it’s not just come in, work, go home.

Future Ambitions:

Body Rocket expects to start working with athletes and industry professionals in 2021 and to launch a commercial product in 2022. Freshmill will help us achieve these goals by giving that quiet space to focus my thoughts and plan for the future and once everything is fully open again, bring back the interesting coffee breaks 😊

I already have started recommending Freshmill and will continue to do so. There’s no better place in Haywards Heath to work!”

Book a tour:

We have a selection of lockable office spaces catering for 2-12 people, our offices are double glazed for enhanced privacy and fully air-conditioned. We take care of everything, so you can focus on running and growing your business. Book a tour to see our office space.

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