Freshmill Friday – 16/04/2021

Freshmill Friday - 16-04-21

We are back with Freshmill Friday and this week we have one of our day pass users… Pip! Pip works as a freelance creative artworker for Moonpig; which involves preparing Photoshop design files, tagging keywords and web testing cards before publishing them online.

“I was working as a Colour and Material Designer in the automotive industry, but due to Covid, I had to look for alternative work and soon started working at Moonpig. Working from home in my bedroom started off well but I found I started to struggle with not being able to separate the work and home environment. I heard about Freshmill through a friend recommendation on Facebook and decided to book a day pass and try out the space. It was exactly what I was looking for!

Freshmill has enabled me to maintain a much healthier work life balance. It has massively increased my work productivity and I am able to maintain focus for longer periods of the day, than working anywhere else. The Freshmill team have been amazing and so welcoming. It has been great to have that social (but distanced) part of work, where you can network and discuss ideas with other businesses and freelancers.

The online booking system for hot-desking is super easy and enables flexibility when choosing dates and times for you to come in. This is super useful if you are freelancing with a short-term contract and don’t necessarily want to sign up to a fixed, long-term contract for a desk space.

Within the next year, alongside artworking, my plan is to continue applying for Colour and Material Design positions with the aim to secure a role back in the Automotive industry. Alternatively, I am also looking to set myself up as a Freelance Colour, Material Design and Research Consultant. I would like to continue to work alongside Automotive OEM’s, trend forecasting, suppliers, and design companies.

I have already started recommending Freshmill to family and friends and will continue to do so.”

Thanks Pip!

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