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Meet Gary

For this week’s Freshmill Friday we have Gary Morgan! Gary is a sales and leadership coach and a certified emotional intelligence practitioner.
‘’I used to run my business from home which was great to start with, but as my business started to grow I wanted to create a more professional look and feel. I also found it far too easy to get distracted at home and my concentration suffered. I didn’t want to mix home with my business and needed to find a solution. I discovered Freshmill through word of mouth from the local business association, HHBA. I had a tour round the space and immediately knew it was the perfect fit for me.”

Gary at Freshmill

”I started off on an hourly hot-desking package and loved the flexibility it gave me to drop in and out of Freshmill when it suited me. Working at Freshmill, I am able to focus more on other aspects of my business; that I find difficult to focus on at home. Coming into Freshmill helps me get into that business mindset to work on marketing materials, writing my book and creating training programs. I am so much more productive working at Freshmill and my time is spent much more efficiently. Another huge bonus with hot-desking is all the people and businesses I have met. I have made many connections at Freshmill and built new relationships with other like-minded people. Everyone is so friendly here and it is a really good professional setting.
Another service that Freshmill provides is their Virtual Office service, which was the perfect solution to separate my home and business. With the Virtual Office I can have an established presence with a professional registered office address and business letters and correspondence sent to Freshmill rather than my home. I also get a member discount on the meeting rooms which is fantastic for me because I regularly use the space for meeting new clients and photoshoots for marketing.”

Future Ambitions

”I have a few projects that I’m working on, one of which is writing my second book – Telephone Selling With Integrity – coming out later this year. I am also continuing to work on my podcast – Your Path To Purpose. The pod is about helping individuals find their path to purpose and also helps business individuals identify what their business purpose is; what is it that makes you get out of bed in the morning? You can find the pod on all available streaming services.
I would absolutely recommend Freshmill to anyone starting out or established; it’s got a great vibe… it’s formal but not stuffy or sterile and the interior and decor is uplifting. The functionality of the place is brilliant, wifi exceptional and the Freshmill team are incredibly helpful and nice; nothing is ever too much trouble for them and they always want to help.”
Thanks Gary 😃

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