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Performance Project:

Meet Jerome, the founder of Performance Project. Performance Project is an award-winning personal training gym; coaching the residents of Sussex to get stronger, fitter, and healthier so they can enjoy the best things in life for longer.

Working at Freshmill:

‘’I really value a few hours of uninterrupted time each morning and Freshmill provides that opportunity for me. It’s the perfect setting that allows me to get my best work done and more importantly, gives me time to think without any distractions or interruptions. The flexibility of access means that I’m often at my desk for 5/6am and I’m out before 8/9am. No need to wait for coffee shops to open, zero pounds spent on pastries, and no WiFi troubles.

Freshmill has great coffee and the space feels creative – both huge factors for me. It’s the type of place you’d expect to find in London or Brighton, rather than Haywards Heath. 

Future Ambitions:

I’m using a dedicated desk right now, but as our business scales and our office team grows, we’ll soon need an office away from the gym. Freshmill is that place for us.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or start-up team, I’d highly recommend checking Freshmill out.’’

Become a Member:

Our dedicated desk packages are designed with flexibility to suit you, with 24/7 access, high speed wifi, unlimited coffee and tea and a range of breakout spaces; dedicated desk membership enables you to have a permanent workspace to call your own.

Become a member by visiting our coworking page.

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